Democratic Senators Must File A Formal Dissent If Trump Is Acquitted

December 4, 2019

Prof. Gerhardt explains how a strong Senate dissent can weaken a Trump acquittal. Call your senators and urge them to read Professor Gerhardt’s law review article on this website and to use it as a guide in drafting a blockbuster dissent to a Trump acquittal that will forever document the disastrous presidency that resulted in Trump’s impeachment (Professor of Law Michael J. Gerhardt testified before the House Judiciary Committee regarding the Trump impeachment on December 4, 2019.)

Open the PDF file for “Dissent in the Senate 1.20.18” in your browser at the link below or click the “Download” button to download the file to your device.

The Mueller Report (Fully Redacted Version; Searchable)

April 18, 2019

At the end of this text find a downloadable and searchable PDF file of the fully redacted Mueller Report, including both Volume I and Volume II (the only version released to the public so far). The Mueller Report is by now famous, but it is a complex document arising from very unusual historical circumstances. For those who wish to understand it more fully, we offer this helpful explanation which originally appeared in Vox:

“Special counsel Robert Mueller released his report Thursday — and it’s nowhere near the “total exoneration” President Donald Trump claims.

The 448-page report is split into two “volumes”: one chronicling the many ties between Trump’s campaign and Russia, and another outlining 10 “episodes” where Mueller said there was potential evidence of obstruction.

Here are the two main findings: First, Mueller found no criminal conspiracy between the president’s team and Moscow. Second, while Mueller declined to recommend charges against Trump, he found several instances where the president tried to influence or shut down the investigation — obstructing justice in all but name. (Click on “Continue Reading” to finish the article and to scroll to the downloadable Mueller Report.)

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