Full Text: January 6 Indictment

August 1, 2023

Former President Trump faces a four-count indictment as part of special counsel Jack Smith’s criminal investigation into the Jan. 6 attack — including “conspiracy to defraud” the U.S., according to an indictment unsealed Tuesday.

Why it matters: Trump now faces two federal indictments as well as a criminal case in New York — even as he campaigns as the frontrunner in the 2024 Republican presidential primaries.

Catch up quick: Trump hinted earlier this month that he could soon be arrested and indicted, after he received a letter from Smith telling him he was a target in the probe.

  • He denies any wrongdoing in any of the cases.

What to watch: It’s unclear how the latest indictment will affect Trump’s bid for the White House.

  • The Trump campaign’s fundraising figures, released earlier this summer, suggested that his indictment in the classified documents case helped fuel a fundraising blitz, Axios’ Erin Doherty writes.

(Summary from Axios: https://www.axios.com/2023/08/01/trump-indictment-news-jan-6)

View the full text of Jack Smith’s four-count federal criminal indictment of Donald J. Trump in the online reader below or view it in a larger format by clicking on the link “Trump D.C. Indictment (8.1.23).” Clicking the “Download” button allows the full text of the document to be downloaded to your device. You can also share this post on Twitter and Facebook.

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