Full Text: DOJ Motion For Stay Of Mar-a-Lago Order

September 16, 2022

Read and download the full text of the DOJ’s motion to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals to stay a part of Judge Cannon’s order that would have held up the DOJ investigation of illegally held documents at Mir-a-Lago. Lawfare described the DOJ’s action in the quote below.

“On Sept. 16, the Justice Department filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit a Motion for a Partial Stay Pending Appeal. The government noted that although it ‘believes the district court fundamentally erred’ in its Sept. 5 Order appointing a Special Master and imposing an injunction, it was asking to stay only those portions of the order relating to approximately 100 documents marked as classified.

The government reiterated many of the arguments set forth in its Sept. 8 and Sept. 13 filings in the district court, which had sought a partial stay from U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon. (She had rejected that request in a Sept. 15 Order.) First, it argued that any potential claims of attorney-client or executive privilege, as well as any potential claims under Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 41(g), were ‘categorically inapplicable to the records bearing classification markings.’ Second, it argued that the government and the public would suffer irreparable harm if a stay is not granted. Third, it argued that former President Trump would not suffer any cognizable harm from the grant of a stay. Finally, it asked the court to rule on the motion ‘as soon as practicable.’

The government’s motion was accompanied by an Addendum containing all relevant district court filings, including orders, declarations, the grand jury subpoena, and the warrant materials.”

This crucial document in the DOJ’s ongoing battle to hold Trump accountable for illegally possessing presidential documents can be viewed in the online reader below or viewed in a larger format by clicking on the link “DOJ Motion for Stay.” Clicking the “Download” button allows the full text of the document to be downloaded to your device. You can also share this post on Twitter and Facebook.

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