Chart: Trump Obstruction of Ten Months of House Investigations

December 16, 2019

Updated 12/16/19. Use to track the House’s Trump impeachment inquiry, investigations, transcript releases, opening statements and Trump’s obstruction. This chart details how Trump’s obstruction has from the outset delayed House investigations, including the impeachment inquiry. The chart chronicles the actions taken by House committees, the people involved, their responses and the ultimate outcomes since House Dems took power in January of 2019. House Dems deserve credit for engaging in what will become the most complex investigation of presidential misconduct in American history. However, as the chart demonstrates, the degree to which Trump has succeeded in hampering their efforts and ultimately delaying the impeachment process has been shocking. The current version of this useful and unique document is “Chart: Trump Obstruction of Ten Months of House Investigations.” You can easily view it by following the directions below. Depending upon the type of browser you are using, you will either immediately see the PDF in your browser (especially if you are using Google Chrome coupled to Adobe Acrobat, or the PDF will download to your device). Please provide feedback or report problems to Defeat Trump at

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